Updated: Feb 15, 2020

Colette here.

For those who don't know me, I'm a freelance Personal Trainer, a massive potato fiend and a plant-based babe. I'm going into my 9th year of omitting meat and fish from my food choices and my 3rd since completely removing all animal products from my diet, lifestyle and beginning life as a #veganqueen.

In my almost decade of chickpea curries and Linda McCartney sausages, I've encountered so many questions and statements surrounding my food choices. From 'I have to eat meat to feel full' to 'Don't you miss chicken?' or the infamous, 'But, bacon though?'. However, more recently as a PT, the most common has been 'Where do you get your protein from?'.

Now, obviously the general public’s concern surrounding my specific protein intake is unbelievably heart-warming – and I'm sure they're just as concerned with the intake of everyone else around them too… But, as my PT business has grown and I’ve trained people with all sorts of dietary restrictions, I've come to realise that not many people seem to know where they get their own protein from, much less mine.

This blog isn't here to lecture or discuss all the things that people don't know - it will be the complete opposite in fact. I hope that it can become a useful tool in helping diversify those mid-week meals, date night ideas and even pesky Sunday evening meal prep. I’ll also be providing a personal insight into my own diet and lifestyle as a plant-based fitness professional and how I manage to meet all my dietary requirements whilst training hard.

Fortnightly, I'm going to share my experiences as a member of both the vegan and fitness communities. This will include anything from new exciting recipes, restaurants, vegan products and everything else in between. Join me in discovering how you can balance effective training with getting all of your necessary protein, without the inclusion of any animal products.

So, even if your diet consists of 90% chicken wings, an occasional meat-free Monday or you completely swear by your own homemade seitan recipe – and if you’ve ever felt the need to ask a vegan, or are too often asked 'Where do you get your protein from?', you’ll be able to find all those answers right here.

Colette x

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