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Karolina has been training consistently from February 2019 and has lost a total of 20kg so far through structured planning and hard work.

Here's what she has had to say about her journey so far:

"I hated the gym. When I say hated, I mean seriously, any exercises I would find boring. I was happy as I was. One day during my lunch at work I decided that today is the day that I will change. I joined the gym and gave myself a trial of 1 month to see how it will go. 
After the first few days, I understood that I needed serious help and that’s how I met Colette. 
Thanks to her I started loving going to the gym and enjoying it. I noticed big changes in my lifestyle and look. I strongly believe that with motivation and help from my personal trainer I was able to do something that I thought would be impossible.

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People train with me for a variety of different reasons. Exercise benefits the mind as well as the body and each one of my clients is on their own personal journey to reaching their best selves. I aim to create a culture within each and every person to celebrate the scope and capacity of their ability, whilst also challenging the pre-conceived ideas and habits that may be holding them back. If you are looking to cultivate your own story, you can contact me here to get started.